Firefly Jewelry


Firefly Jewelry by Edward Rudnicki is a Guatamala based fine jewelry brand based on the Santiago Atitlian culture.  The Firefly artisans use older molds to create the metal findings and combine them with bold colored beads and crystals in Mosaic Patterns.  The Firefly jewelry for sale on our website represents some of their finest and more unique pieces they offer.


Firefly offers intricately embellished artisan jewelry, specializing in innovative colors mixes and meticulous workmanship. Firefly's designs are elegant, yet whimsical, and sparkle with the use of Japanese and Czech glass beads and Austrian Swarovski crystals.


Firefly uses filigree findings in Brass and Nickel silver made from vintage molds, which give the designs a romantic look with a contemporary twist. The company has a passion for precise craftsmanship, with attention to harmony and beauty, and a strong eye for detail.


Combine Firefly Jewelry Necklaces, Bracelets and earrings together to express your own unique style.  Firefly Mosaic jewelry is at home in the office, at a charity gala or just for getting together for a girls night out.  Find your own style with Firefly mosaic necklaces, earrings and bracelets at The Lamp Stand.