Wood and Metal Inlay Large Cake Pedestal - GG Collection

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Wood and Metal Inlay Large Cake Pedestal

We are proud to present the Heritage Collection, handcrafted from Mango Wood with Metal Inlay.
The Mango Tree reaches its full maturity at 15-20 years when it loses its ability to bear fruit. As a sustainable hardwood, nothing is lost. The beautiful tight grain is soft enough to tool, making it perfect to create our serving pieces and home decor accessories.

Dimensions: 12" Diam x 21" High

Wipe wood pedestal clean with damp cloth.

All glass items are made by a mouth blown process. There will be a wavy distortion from the flow and cooling process of the glass. Occasionally small air bubbles are visible that are part of the glass making art and not considered imperfections.

All GG items are handmade and slight imperfections can be expected.