Wisconsin Dish Towel by Catstudio

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Wisconsin Dish Towel by Catstudio

Wow! From the Mississippi River to Lake Superior & Lake Michigan - this original design celebrates the beautiful State of Wisconsin!

The design is silk-screened, then framed with a hand embroidered border on a 100% cotton dish towel/hand towel/guest towel/bar towel. Three stripes down both sides and hand dyed rick-rack at the top and bottom add a charming vintage touch. Delightfully presented in a fab organdy re-usable pouch!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold and line dry
  • Packaged in organdy pouch
  • Measures 20" x 29"

Fun Facts:
  • Wisconsin is the leading producer of ginseng root in the nation. The Fromm brothers transplanted wild ginseng plants to their Hamburg, WI, farm in 1904. Today Wisconsin supplies 10% of the world's supply of ginseng. Wausau is known as the Ginseng Capital.
  • Mrs. Margarethe Schurz started the first kindergarten in America in Watertown, WI in 1856. Mrs. Schurz was born in Germany and learned the principles of kindergarten from Friedrich Froebel. Kindergarten is now a regular part of the U.S. public school system.
  • Bloomer was named the Rope Jump Capital of the world in the 1960s after school teacher and coach Wally Mohrman created the rope jump contest.
  • Sheboygan, WI, is known as the Bratwurst Capital of the World. In 1970 Judge Bolgert rendered an official decision bestowing the title upon Sheboygan. There is an official Brat Oath which residents proclaim when frying brats.
  • Mount Horeb, WI, is known as the Troll Capital of the world. Along the main road through the town visitors can see dozens of carved troll statues. It all began in 1976 when a Scandinavian gift shop placed Norwegian trolls on their lawn to entice visitors to their shop.
  • Mount Horeb is also known for Mustard. The village's Mustard Museum houses more than 2,300 varieties of mustard.
  • The largest water-themed park in the country is 'Noah's Ark Waterpark' in the Wisconsin Dells. The waterpark covers 70 acres and features waterslides, two giant wave pools, two endless rivers, bumper boats, and children's water play areas.
  • Wisconsin is the top milk producing state in the nation (13.7% of the country's supply). The Wisconsin cheese industry provides 25.5% of the nation's cheese.
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