Black Box Fan Diffusers Votivo Candle

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Votivo Candle Black Box Fan Diffusers

Continuously striving to deliver cutting-edge home fragrance technology and application, Votivo introduces the Black Box Fan Diffuser. The fastest way to fragrance is now as simple as pressing a button with this sleekly designed diffusing device. Votivo fuses speed, efficiency, functionality, and ease of use through the lens of its discerning design eye and the end result is instant fragrance gratification for aromatic enthusiasts.

Using the Black Box Fan Diffuser couldn't be easier. Simply open the hatch in the base of the diffuser and insert an Fragrance Pod, close the hatch and place the diffuser on a flat surface, then press the logo button to turn on the power. The black box will start diffusing fragrance into your space.

Each press of the button starts a 20-minute cycle. After 20 minutes, the diffuser will stop automatically. When you would like more fragrance, simply press the button again.
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