Viva Beads

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Viva Beads are made from polymer clays. Pigments are added to the translucent base to create a variety of colors which vary from bead to bead and are mixed to create a virtually infinite range of artistry and design. The polymer clay is then shaped into beads or inlaid into metal shapes and strung into beautiful Viva Beads jewelry creations.

The word "Viva" means a salute to life and thus has been the anchoring energy behind this brand!
Question: Do Viva beads fit on pandora jewelry?
Answer: The Signature Beads by Viva Beads would likely fit some Pandora jewelry: The Viva Beads' Signature Bracelet appears to be similar in size to some of the more common Pandora style bracelets.

Question: looking for a viva necklace to hang Pandora beads on.
Answer: The way Viva Beads necklaces are strung, there is not a way to add additional beads to them. However, there is one option, the Signature Bead Chain Necklace by Viva Beads ( made for the Viva Beads Signature Beads, which are roughly the same size as Pandora beads.