Vietri Rustic Garden Punched White Tall Cachepot

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Vietri Rustic Garden Punched White Tall Cachepot

The Rustic Garden Punched White Tall Cachepot features exposed terra cotta edges, a feature that has been very popular throughout the Rustic Garden collection, offset by a bright white hue. The fun, punched detailing brings intrigue and polish to this statement garden piece.

  • Terra Cotta Earthenware - VIETRI uses natural earthenware clay that is indigenous to Italy. It is the most durable earthenware of the highest quality on the market today, using the best glazes and firing at the highest temperatures. With earthenware clay, we are able to get variations in color and glaze, for which VIETRI is famous, that bring warmth and uniqueness to our products.
  • Dimensions: 13"D, 12.25"H
  • Materials: Natural Earthenware Clay
  • To clean this product, wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
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