No. 69 Amber & Tonka Bean 3.4 oz. Home Fragrance Mist by Trapp Candles

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No. 69 Amber & Tonka Bean 3.4oz Home Fragrance Mist Trapp Candle

The coveted, natural aroma of Tonka Beans is mingled with the alluring notes of raw amber. Rich and luxurious this sultry fragrance is captivatingly unique and pure.

The Trapp Home Fragrance Mists come in a stylish frosted glass bottle containing 3.4oz of fragrance. Each spray of this fragrance mist will instantly fill any room with your favorite Trapp scent!

Volume: 3.4 ounces (100ml)

Caution: Not to be used on skin, hair, clothes, or furniture/bedding.