Swan Creek Candles

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Swan Creek Candles are clean-burning, lead-free, intensely fragrant American soybean wax candles. Discover a variety of unique containers and fragrances in this exciting Americana-style line.

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Question: How do I order Candles ? My store is out of them
Answer: If you are a retailer for Swan Creek Candles, you should contact them directly to reorder from them. If you've ordered from our online retail store before, The Lamp Stand.com, you can merely shop online or contact our customer service line to place your order, 417-865-3725.

Question: Do you have tin cups with handles, come in different colors and fragrances, the 4 oz. lasting 25 hrs. Especially like 'Gingerbread'.
Answer: We only carry a selection of Swan Creek Candles and do not carry the Gourmet Enamelware at this time. You might contact Swan Creek directly to see if they have any stock of the particular fragrance and size you are seeking. You can reach them at 888-272-2773 or info@swancreekcandle.com.

Question: why is your wax melts more expensive on web site??? 2 dollars cheaper in stores????
Answer: Swan Creek Drizzle Melts are made by the Swan Creek Candle Company. Swan Creek controls the prices at which we can sell their product.

Question: soy refill wax
Answer: We offer a selection of the Swan Creek Candle Company products and unfortunately do not currently sell the Soy Candle Refill Wax. You can order the refill wax from Swan Creek Directly here http://www.swancreekcandle.com/carewax.html

Question: Do you have Cinnamon Spice?
Answer: Unfortunately the Cinnamon Spice fragrance from Swan Creek Candles appears to be discontinued. You can contact Swan Creek Candle Company directly for more information about Cinnamon Spice, at 888-272-2773. We do offer some similar fragrances to Cinnamon Spice by Swan Creek Candles that you might like. Sweet Cinnamon Cream Square Vintage Pot - http://www.thelampstand.com/swan-creek-candle-sweetcinnamoncreamsquarevintagepot.html Warm Cinnamon Buns Square Vintage Pot - http://www.thelampstand.com/swan-creek-candle-company-candles-vintage-square-pot-warm-cinnamon-buns.html Harvest Spice Ruffled Edge Pot - http://www.thelampstand.com/swan-creek-candle-harvestspicerufflededgepot.html