Wymberly AKA Monogram All-In-One Hipster by Spartina 449

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Wymberly AKA Monogram All-In-One Hipster by Spartina 449

Synonymous with Wormsloe Plantation, the Wymberly name (also spelled Wimberly) has come to represent a family heritage of conviction, principles and civic pride. From the birth in 1723 of Noble Wymberly Jones,son of Wormsloe founder Noble Jones, through the American Revolution, Civil War, Industrial Revolution and Civil Rights movement, the name has stood generation after generation.

Our Wymberly plaid is just as timeless. Smoky neutrals accented by a pop of color will soon become the well-appointed pattern you choose day after day.

  • Classic lines featuring this season’s new neutrals. We never go out of style.

    • How it works: 1. Insert key into tiny keyhole on back side of plate. 2. Push key to pop magnetic letter from plate. 3. Remove and replace letter of your choice into magnetic plate.

      • 7.75" x 5" x 1.5"