Waving Girl Sunglass Case - Spartina 449

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Waving Girl Sunglass Case by Spartina 449

Spartina's signature patterns make this suede lined Sunglass case a must have accessory! Adorned with the Spartina Mermaid logo and coordinating leather trim, this case keeps your glasses safe and scratch-free.

Signature linen Gold tone mermaid button Suede interior lining
4"x 7"x .25"

Florence Martus inspired thousands of international sailors as she saluted them coming and going through the Port of Savannah at the turn of the 20th century. The young lady waived a handkerchief by day and a lantern by night to every ship that passed through the Georgia seaport between the years of 1887 and 1931. According to legend, not a ship was missed in the Waving Girl's forty-four years on watch. Romantic folklore about a lost love, flirting sailors and treasured gifts accompany the legend of the Waving Girl. A statue of Martus sculpted by Felix de Weldon was erected in the historic Savannah riverfront to commemorate her seafaring hospitality. The Waving Girl pattern celebrates her spirited welcome and warmth.