Waving Girl Multi eBook Cover - Spartina 449

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Waving Girl Multi eBook Cover by Spartina 449

Your eBook is so elegant when covered with Spartina Style! Natural linen exterior features leather trim and a handy leather strap. Suede interior protects your technology and includes a convenient pocket. Spartina's signature Mermaid is featured on the button snap.

Signature linen with leather accents Mermaid button with snap closure Suede interior lining
5.75"x 8.25"x 1"
Fits: Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HD - 7" Nook HD - 7" Acer Iconia Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7"

Florence Martus inspired thousands of international sailors as she saluted them coming and going through the Port of Savannah at the turn of the 20th century. The young lady waived a handkerchief by day and a lantern by night to every ship that passed through the Georgia seaport between the years of 1887 and 1931. According to legend, not a ship was missed in the Waving Girl's forty-four years on watch. Romantic folklore about a lost love, flirting sailors and treasured gifts accompany the legend of the Waving Girl. A statue of Martus sculpted by Felix de Weldon was erected in the historic Savannah riverfront to commemorate her seafaring hospitality. The Waving Girl pattern celebrates her spirited welcome and warmth.