Seven Oaks iPad Mini Cover with Stand by Spartina 449

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Seven Oaks iPad Mini Cover with Stand by Spartina 449

Kick it up a notch with our new sophisticated iPad Mini case! This cover mixes a protective design of co-molded built-in stand, with a contemporary, eye~catching look. For optimum comfort, this case offers two viewing positions including a lower angle which is ideal for typing on the screen. The form-fitted design securely holds the iPad Mini in place while the soft interior lining adds color and protects the device against scratches. This cover fits the iPad Mini.
  • Signature linen with leather accents
  • Suede interior lining
  • Width: 1"
  • Height: 8"
  • Depth: 5.5"

Simple and stately, Seven Oaks is a Bluffton treasure. Built in the 1850s, this cotton-white two-story manor features double verandas and two steeple-like chimneys. Today, it's the rectory for the iconic, historic Church of the Cross. It's an unmistakable Southern belle. And the name? Seven Oaks is derived from the seven immense oak stumps that were built into the structure of the house and still support it today.

Paying homage to the beautiful, contrasting exterior of Seven Oaks, Spartina paired an elegant ivory background with a distinctive black linear pattern - double lines, in fact - to represent the dual features of the home, and of course, the oak leaf. We love this classic combination and believe this pattern is destined to be as timeless as Seven Oaks itself.