Quarterdeck Midi Tote - Spartina 449

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Quarterdeck Midi Tote by Spartina 449

If you're looking for a bag with versatility, this new mid-size tote does it all! With its options for interchangeable medallions and embroidered monograms, this bag also makes for the perfect, personalized gift. Durable, midlength straps make it easy to shoulder or hand carry for a picnic lunch or a day at the beach.

11"x 10.5"x 5.5"

Ceremonious receptions for officers and those offering respect to a ship and its captain occur on the most revered area of a sailboat, the Quarterdeck. Marked off by decorative lines and classic knotting, the Quarterdeck is traditionally known as the raised deck behind the main mast of a tall ship where the colors are also stored. Today, flags are often used to decorate maritime establishments on land to resemble the shipboard quarterdecks. The Quarterdeck pattern represents esteemed nautical designation and seafaring tradition.