Privateer Bee Bangle by Spartina 449

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Privateer Bee Bangle by Spartina 449

Sailing the high seas during 18th century, young Edward Teach, a commissioned privateer during the Queen Anne’s War, was a talented mariner in the Royal Navy who went on to become the legendary pirate Blackbeard. When not in the West Indies, he frequented Georgia’s coastal islands, the perfect trove of secret hiding spots for ships and treasure! We think our Privateer pattern is a treasure, too. Designed as a “new classic,” these botanical silhouettes easily complement your legendary style.

  • Show your bright side and complement your handbag with 18kt gold-plated bangles that match your favorite Spartina patterns. Boring will never be an option with these bold, beautiful layering pieces.
  • Materials: 18-kt gold-plated; enamel details.
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 0.75"