Lorelei Keychain by Spartina 449

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Lorelei Keychain by Spartina 449

The tale of Lorelei - Listen closely as you pass by Loreley Rock in Germany’s Rhine River, and you might hear the legendary echo of a sister siren from long ago. As the poem goes, perched high upon this steep, slate rock, the stunning river maiden, Lorelei sings of her lost love as she combs her golden tresses. So enchanting is her beauty and hypnotic her song that she unwittingly lures sailors toward her, causing many a wreckage upon the rock. Some feared her beguiling power, but to us, Lorelei’s two-fold power is courage — to fully, completely and truly love another and to be herself, letting others hear her song and see her shine. The slate-colored, herringbone Lorelei pattern has a beautiful, hypnotic rhythm to its design, likely to lure compliments everywhere you go!

  • Dimensions: 1" x 4.75" x .75"
  • Materials: Linen, Leather