Heyward by Spartina 449

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Heyward by Spartina 449

The Heyward pattern is celebrated in the Southern State Of Mind collection for two very good reasons - both of them honoring one of the most distinguished family names in The South. First are the two iconic homes found in old town Bluffton: the Cole-Heyward House, currently serving as the official Welcome Center and Town Museum. Built in 1841 by John J. Cole for his young bride to escape the inland summers, this rare antebellum home has been beloved and impeccably preserved for 170 years. The second home is the D. Hassell Heyward House, a classic Southern abode with a wide, winning front porch that is so welcoming that Spartina made it their Flagship Store!

The second reason for celebrating "Heyward" is the people themselves: with a lineage that includes a signer of the Declaration of Independence, "The South's greatest rice planter", a governor of South Carolina, a mayor of Bluffton, and the playwright who penned "Porgy & Bess", the Heyward name is an institution in these parts. And the Heyward pattern feels just as classic and genteel, yet fresh and inviting. The pattern's balmy lime hue greets a lovely lattice motif with stylish twists and turns, delightfully suggesting that our screen doors, and our kindred hearts, are always open.
Heyward Isabelle Shoulder by Spartina 449
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Heyward Palmetto Drawstring by Spartina 449
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Brown Sugar Crossbody Strap by Spartina 449
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Designed specifically to attach to the Spartina Multi Phone Wallet.