Ellis Square Turn-Key Classic Tote by Spartina 449

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Ellis Square Turn-Key Classic Tote by Spartina 449

Spartina has made a perfectly polished addition to the beloved classic tote. This smart, chic design is perfect for every day use and is fit to carry all your essentials. Turn-key closure provides stylish security and interior snap closure maintains easy access to all your necessities.

  • Signature linen with leather accents
  • Turn-key with interior snap closure
  • Exterior zip pocket
  • Linen interior lining
  • Two interior open pockets
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Height: 11"
  • Depth: 5.5"
  • Width: 15"

The Ellis Square pattern is part of Spartina's Passage to Savannah collection - inspired by legendary notables and historic squares, you'd find pieces of history and mystery woven into each pattern. Most of all, you'll see how priveleged we are to have one of the "10 Most Beautiful Places in America" in Daufuskie's own backyard.

Savannah's Ellis Square is testament to perseverance, not merely for its first 200 years as a bustling marketplace square, but rather for its restoration from becoming a parking lot in 1954. The bleak parking lot, however, gave rise to the Savannah preservation movement, which brought back Ellis Square to its rightful beauty in 2010, crowned by a bronze statue of native son and famous songwriter Johnny Mercer.
Recalling dapper, crosshatch menswear patterns and Savannah's cobblestone streets, Spartina created the Ellis Square pattern to use both positive and negative space in its design. This on-trend, always-elegant look is destined to be a favorite, as Mercer would say, come rain or come shine.