Cora Scarf by Spartina 449

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Cora Scarf by Spartina 449

The Lore of Cora - Before the lighthouses were built to guide ships to the Savannah River, when Daufuskie’s waterway was active with night-sailing vessels, sailors reported seeing a golden, underwater light in the shape of a maiden. Cora, which means “maiden,” was known to guide these boats around each other and through our marshy Southern waters. Playful enough to attract even the most stubborn sailors and wise enough to know the way, Cora sightings would occur most often when the waters were full of boats, suggesting that she loved visitors! Like our legendary, local mermaid, our inspired Cora pattern is full of hypnotic shapes and lines that lead you around one design to the next.

  • Dimensions: 25" x 89"
  • Materials: Viscose