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The Shoulder Buddy Smarts come from a magical wishing star, and inside that star is the Land of Understand. Shoulder Buddies go to the "School of Smarts" so they can earn their Fluffles on top of their head to fly. Once they have learned their "Smarts" they fly down from the Land of Understand and look for a Buddy to journey with and share their "Smarts".

Just call us Shoulder Buddies from the Land of Understand, Breezin' through the skies, looking to land.
Each one of us has a special "Smart," A wonderful message that comes from our heart.
We want to share our "Smarts" with you, So you can reveal your "Smarts" too!
Take us along everywhere you go... On your shoulders, hair and hats you know!
Collect us, trade us, and give us a home! Let's journey together... wherever you roam!