24 oz. Almond Spice Fragrance Lamp Oil by Scentimental Scents

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A tapestry of light florals

Scentimental Scents GUARANTEED TO WORK IN ANY LAMPE BERGER OR FRAGRANCE LAMP!!! Buy 6 Bottles = Free Large Wick (Mini Wick - please specify in comments section at checkout. Free wick will not show on invoice, but will be included). Scentimental Scents offers some of the highest quality fragrance lamp oils on the market, now offered in a larger 24oz bottle! Our selection of Scentimental Scents Fragrance Oils, are individually made using our cherished family recipes and high quality synthetic essential oils. You will find our fragrance lamp oils to be some of the strongest on the market. We offer an exceptional selection of wonderful scents for an excellent home perfuming experience. NOTE: Scentimental Scents Fragrance are highly fragranced lamp fuels. Consider adding a bottle of DILUTE to tone fragrances to your liking and add length to burning time. Scentimental Scents Fragrance Oils are alcohol based oils for use in Catalytic Fragrance Lamps only and should never be used in regular oil burning lamps or reed diffusers. SPECIAL OFFERS Buy 6 Bottles = Free Wick* *Free wicks will not show up on your order invoice, but will be included in your shipment