Sage Elegance Fragrance Lamp by La Tee Da

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Sage Elegance Fragrance Lamp by La Tee Da

The lamp comes in a form-fitted box and includes:wick & burner assembly

  • funnel

  • decorative crown

  • solid snuffer cap

  • printed instructions

  • Please use only our effusion fragrances as we have tested our fragrances with the type wick provided.

    Effusion lamps eliminate odors from cooking, smoking, pets and more by releasing wonderful fragrances in to the air. Each lamp is individually handcrafted and mouth blown by glass artisans. Colors and designs will vary from those pictured. Small bubbles and abnormalities add uniqueness to each piece.

    Please read and follow the simple instructions and warnings detailed with each lamp sold.

    As per CARB, Fragrance Lamps Oils may NOT ship to California.