Root Fragranced Tassel Refills

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It is time to replace your fragrance? Root sachet fragrance replacements can be purchased separately. Simply replace your current scent, or choose among four luxurious fragrances. Try them all to see which one is your favorite!


1. Holding the tassel by the top, flip the tassel over to reveal the fragrance sachet.

2. Simply twist the sachet at its base and gently pull. The sachet should come out easily. Remove and dispose.

3. Remove new fragrance sachet from package.

4. Push the new sachet into sachet holder within the tassel. Twist lightly.

5. Flip tassel back over and place in your room

Enjoy the infusion of scents that will now fill your home. Four sachet fragrance replacements can be purchased separately, allowing you to keep the same tassel but change out the scents for your personal style.
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