Root Candles

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Root Candles are sensational, high-quality candles and fragrance products known for their innovative beeswax blend. Dynamic bouquets of subtle fragrance combinations are uniquely woven into the luxurious scents. Since 1869, Root has perfected their candle line offering only the most premium candles on the market today. The beeswax is domestically harvested and is filtered for purity without using harsh chemicals or bleach. Every candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies.
Question: do you carry 9-inch root taper ivory candles?
Answer: We carry a small selection of Root dinner candles, which includes the Grecian and Timberline Collenettes, as well as the Timerline Arista candles. Unfortunately, we do not carry the Root taper candles in any size. You might contact Root Candles directly at (800) 289-7668 or