RibbonWick Candles

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RibbonWick Candles create a mesmerizing ribbon-like flame as the candlelight dances across the pool of highly scented wax, providing an intriguing ambiance unlike any other candle on the market. This distinctive effect, coupled with new and elegant home decor vessels, results in a stunning centerpiece focal point that will transform any room. The RibbonWick Brand features distinct collections reflecting a broad assortment of unique styles and designs brought to you by the makers of WoodWick Candles.
Question: Do they smoke?
Answer: As with any candle there is always the chance for a small amount of smoke to be emitted during the burning process. With the new ribbon-like wick that RibbonWick Candles uses, the chance of smoking is greatly reduced, however, offering a cleaner burn than other candle brands.

Question: Ribbon refill wicks?
Answer: The makers of RibbonWick Candles do not produce replacement wicks or wax refills at this time.