Puro Mist Grey Crackle Dinner Plate by Juliska

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Puro Mist Grey Crackle Dinner Plate by Juliska

The bold beauty of this accent plate lies in its studied simplicity and is perfect for everyday use, but also a must-have layering piece to mix into your table setting repertoire. Juliska's Crackle Glaze is the result of minuscule fractures that occur in the cooling process, adding further depth to the chic Mist Grey hue.
  • Dimensions: 11"W
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe.

Pronounced: Pure-o
Portuguese translation: "Pure"
The Portuguese reserve the word "puro" for something that is truly alluring in its natural, uncontrived state like the windswept cliffs along their Iberian coastline.

New yet storied, Juliska's Mist Grey Crackle glaze creates stunning color pools. During the cooling process, the unique reactive glaze shrinks slightly more than the ceramic body, sending fractures through the veil of color and then it re-fuses, leaving a maze of scars.
Made in Portugal.