Pure Vanilla 8 oz. Milkbottle Candle by Milkhouse Candle Creamery

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Pure Vanilla 8oz Milkbottle Candle - Milkhouse Candle Creamery

A fresh Madagascar vanilla bean! A customer favorite!

Milkhouse's 8 ounce Milkbottle Candle is filled with a signature soy and beeswax blend. Nostalgic glassware is the real old-world dairy glassware made thick, to insulate and protect its contents.
Cotton wick; 50 unsurpassed hours of burn. Perfect for small rooms!
Tech tip: This jar burns beautifully from your first light to final flame. For a natural alternative to a stick lighter, use a dry piece of spaghetti to relight when your wax levels get out of reach.
Made in the USA!
Milkhouse's most popular container

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