Oregon Hand-Embroidered Pillow by Catstudio

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Oregon Hand-Embroidered Pillow by Catstudio

Wow! From the Rogue River to Round-Up to the Columbia River Crater Lake - this original design celebrates the beautiful State of Oregon! Go Ducks! Go Beavers!
This pillow is entirely HAND embroidered on light tea-colored 100% organic cotton. Amazingly it can take up to one week to embroider one pillow! It is also unique in nature since each artisan incorporates a certain flair and signature to his/her work. Accented with black velvet piping.

  • Embroidered entirely by HAND: it takes 40+ hours to make one!
  • Dimensions: 20" x 20"
  • Materials: 100% Organic Cotton; Poly form included; Button closure.
  • Hand-Embroidered and Made in India.
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only.
  • Fun Facts: The deepest lake in the nation is Crater Lake. It was formed more than 6500 years ago and is the only lake to form within the remains of a volcano. Portland was nearly named 'Boston, Oregon' by Asa Lovejoy one of the two original settlers. The name was decided by a coin toss. Hells Canyon, at 8,000ft deep, is the deepest river gorge in North America. The city of Bend, OR sits below a 4x5 mile caldera, Newberry Volcano, which experts say is still active by seismological standards. The world's smallest official park, Mill Ends Park in Portland, is a round piece of earth just 2' across. It was created in 1948 on St. Patrick's Day by journalist Dick Fagan. Fagan used his newspaper column to share about goings on at Mill Ends Park (he wrote about this until his death in 1969). Oregon is the only state with an official state nut: the hazelnut. The H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest is one of the largest long-term ecological research sites in the country. It was founded in 1948. Mount Hood is the tallest peak in Oregon, it is 11,239 ft tall and a dormant volcano. The largest sea grotto in the country is Oregon's "Sea Lion Caves." It was discovered in 1880 by a local seaman William Cox, later developed into a tourist attraction in 1932. One of Oregon's most stunning natural wonders: the Oregon Caves National Monument contains caves carved from solid marble (discovered in 1874). The world's largest log cabin (measuring 206ft x 102ft) was built in Oregon in 1905 in honor of the Lewis and Clark Exposition. Tragically it was destroyed in a fire in 1964. The largest wooden clear-span building in the world is Hangar B, now the Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon. It is constructed entirely without wood glue and was originally a blimp hangar during the world war. The International Rose Test Garden above the city of Portland cultivates 500 varieties of roses and have been continuing this process since 1917.
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