Olive Entertainment Tray by Arthur Court

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Olive Entertainment Tray by Arthur Court

An Arthur Court Original design, this olive decorated, large oval open metal work serving tray is actually a five piece entertainment wonder. Olive branches, heavy with fruit decorate this multi-functional entertainer. Centered with a round, marble board perfect for cheeses, 2 removable, olive shaped and embellished bowls snuggle in to serve dips, condiments or olives. A matching spreader completes the ensemble. Line the tray with flat breads, fill the bowls with hummus, present cut crudites on the marble slab for a true Mediterranean feast.

  • Dimensions: 20"L x 13"W (Tray); 4.5 Dia (Bowls)
  • Materials: Premium Signature Aluminum Alloy
  • Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap - dry immediately. Do not put in dishwasher.