Octopus 2-Arm Pewter Taper Candleabrum by Vagabond House

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Octopus 2-Arm Pewter Taper Candleabrumby Vagabond House

Unique candelabrum is an innovation in style as fresh as an ocean breeze. A masterpiece detailed figural and functional creation in pure Vagabond House pewter, the body of our 2 arm candelabrum is a majestic "kraken" style octopus, holding taper sockets in two of his tentacles.
The octopus balances on a base pebbled like the ocean floor along with a starfish, conch and clam.

Size: 8.5" W X 8" L X 13.5" H
Care: Hand wash recommend to remove candle wax place in hot water and let cool

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