Distressed Terra Cotta Large Tuscan Urn Nouvelle Candles

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Distressed Terra Cotta Large Tuscan Urn Nouvelle Candles

The very notion of the courtyard is laden with paradoxes - private, natural outdoor space in the midst of public urbanity; an intimate collaboration between nature and the interior realm where earth and flora are pleasingly integrated with the solid stone and brick constructs of man. Blurring the boundaries between the indoors and out, the Nouvelle Courtyard Collection is designed to explore these intervening spaces.

Each Courtyard Collection urn features a Distressed Terra Cotta finish and is filled with one of eight inspired fragrances uniquely designed for this collection.
Size: 28 ounces with 2 wicks
Burn Time: 150-160 hours
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A delightful aromatic and herbal blend evocative of a garden in the south of France, perhaps somewhere near Arles, or Menerbes. Top notes of lavender infused with delicious undertones of thyme and basil.

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