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Noelle Stocked Ornament by JingleNog

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Noelle Stocked Ornament by JingleNog

The Noelle Stocked Story

In ancient times a young man named Nicholas inherited a large fortune. A generous and caring man, Nicholas wanted to share his wealth with the needy. Knowing many people had too much pride to ask for help, he would secretly leave gifts for the poor. He became known as Nicholas the Wonderworker and would be renamed Saint Nicholas. As legend has it Nicholas knew a hardworking widower with three daughters. The man was distressed. He could not afford to properly support his family. Nicholas heard of his plight and decided to help him. Late one rainy Christmas eve Nicholas climbed onto the man’s roof and dropped coins down the chimney. The coins fell into the stockings hanging by the hearth to dry. The girls awoke the next morning to find their stockings filled with coins. A new tradition was born. From that night until today each Christmas eve empty stockings are left out by the tree to be fill with gifts.

  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Stocking Christmas Tree Ornament
  • White Christmas Stocking with Hand Painted Red and Green Floral Design Pattern
  • Special Limited Edition Collectible Christmas Tree Stocking Ornament Decor
  • 5.5"