New Mexico XL Hand-Embroidered Pillow by Catstudio

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New Mexico XL Hand-Embroidered Pillow by Catstudio (Special Order)

In beautiful detail this original design celebrates the State of New Mexico - from Carlsbad Caverns to White Sands to Gila Forrest to Anasazi to Mescalero - it truly is the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT!
This EXTRA LARGE pillow is entirely HAND embroidered on light tea-colored 100% organic cotton. Amazingly it takes 2 weeks (80+ hours) with 2 artisans working on it - just to make one of these XL Pillows! It is also unique in nature since each artisan incorporates a certain flair and signature to his/her work. Accented with black velvet piping.

Our XL pillows can be ordered in any of our geography designs!
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  • Extra large, extra special. Embroidered by HAND: it takes 80+ hours to make one!
  • Dimensions: 30" x 30"
  • Materials: 100% Organic Cotton; Poly form included; Button closure.
  • Hand Embroidered and Made in India
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only.
  • Fun Facts: The oldest western city founded and inhabited is Santa Fe, established in 1607. The world's largest international hot air balloon festival is held annually in Albuquerque. Santa Fe's 'Palace of Governors' was built in 1610, it is the oldest government building in the nation. In isolated villages in north-central New Mexico some descendants of Spanish conquistadors preserve a form of 16th century Spanish spoken no where else in the world today. The largest Native American group is the Navajo tribe, with 78,000 members. There is a Navajo reservation covering 14 million acres in the New Mexico area. The "Green Chile capital of the world" is Hatch, NM. Santa Fe is the highest capital city (7,000 ft above sea level) in the nation. From the Capulin Volcano crest (8,182ft) in Union County, NM, one can view five states: Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico. Located just north of Taos, NM, the Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously occupied communities in the nation. Residents still live in the 900 year old dwellings. The Rio Grande is the longest river in New Mexico and runs the entire length of the state. New Mexico has more residents with Ph.Ds than any other state in the nation (due in part to the many governmental and private research facilities). Roswell, NM, is famous for UFO sightings. Nearly 75% of the roads in New Mexico are unpaved. The Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM, is famous for an architectural marvel within its walls: the staircase. It was built between 1877 and 1881. The spiral staircase has no visible means of support, contains no glue or nails.
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