Milkhouse Candle Creamery

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Milkhouse Candle Creamery has deep-rooted ties to agricultural America which inspired the creation of a cleaner, healthier candle experience. From years of researching, experimenting, and just having fun creating, Milkhouse Candle Creamery was born.

Milkhouse candle making began in standard canning jars bought at local auctions, and they are still producing the cleanest burning candle on the market. You won't find artificial color in these candles, and you won't find any lead in the wicks. The Milkhouse blend of waxes is simple: pure beeswax and natural soy wax from soybeans grown right here, in the American upper Midwest.
Question: Looking for the fresh citrus and cilantro candle
Answer: We do not currently offer a Fresh Citrus and Cilantro candle by Milkhouse Candle Creamery. This is not a current fragrance listed on the manufacturer's website so it may be a fragrance that has been discontinued. We do offer popular citrus varieties by Milkhouse Candle Creamery that may interest you at the following links: