Metallic Silver Druzy Channel Cuff in Silver Plating by Luca and Danni

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Metallic Silver Druzy Channel Cuff in Silver Plating by Luca and Danni

Time to shine. (Then again, when is it not?) Hundreds of Swarovski ¨ crystals perfectly align in this handmade metal cuff with a flexing, adjustable fit.

Luca+Danni ¨ proudly handcrafts its products using lead-free premium alloys along with high-quality Swarovski ¨ crystals and natural gemstones. All pieces come finished in its organic state and, as result, may vary in color. This is not a defect, but rather a unique characteristic of the materials used. Additionally, over time a natural aging process may occur on the surface of the metal. While this is completely normal, the care instructions below will help you keep your Luca+Danni ¨ jewelry as brilliant as the day it was purchased.

- Swarovski crystals in metallic silver create a Druzy like effect
- Features an open, adjustable band to ensure proper fit
- Silver plated band

Product Care: When applying lotions or perfume, make sure it is fully absorbed into your skin and clothing before putting on your jewelry as the chemicals typically found in these products may cause them to oxidize and/or tarnish. Always remember to remove your jewelry before swimming, exercising, bathing or going to bed. After each use, gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth and store it in a box. Should your Luca+Danni ¨ piece need additional cleaning, warm water and mild soap is recommended - patting it dry with a soft cloth. Always refrain from using abrasive materials such as paper towels or rigid fabrics when cleaning or drying your jewelry as these products may scratch the surface of the piece. Finally, store-bought jewelry cleaning solutions and/or devices are not recommended for use.