McCall's Candles

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McCall's is a family-owned, made-in-the USA company with deep roots in Missouri, where the candles are still manufactured, poured, and shipped all over the world. The now-famous country jar candles are known for their rustic metal lids that are embossed with the McCall's Country Canning logo. Today, McCall's is a global brand, but the charming, high-quality fragrance products they create still embody the best of small-town, rural Missouri and made-in-America pride.
Question: Do you have the Blue Ribbon brand cream pies?
Answer: We only stock select fragrances by McCall's Candles, and unfortunately Blue Ribbon Cream Pie is not one of them. You could contact McCall's directly to see if they have the fragrance you are searching for: 800-396-0332 or

Question: do you have 26 oz classic candle Cozy Cabin?
Answer: Absolutely! You can find the McCall's Cozy Cabin 26oz Jar Candle on sale here:

Question: Where in my area can I find your candles --- they are my favorite!!! Lafayette, Indiana area.
Answer: The Lamp Stand is not the manufacturer of McCall's Candles, but we do ship everywhere within the continental United States, including Indiana! You can place your McCall's Candle order on our site 24 hours a day/7 days a week, or by calling our customer service department at (417)865-3725, Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM CST. If you are looking for a store front in your area, however, that stocks McCall's Candles, you can use the store locator on McCall's website:

Question: do you have raspberry lemon and orange cranberry?
Answer: Yes, we do offer both the Raspberry Lemon and the Orange Cranberry fragrances from McCall's Candles. They can be found on our website here: 26oz. Raspberry Lemon Classic Jar Candle by McCall's 26oz. Orange Cranberry Classic Jar Candle by McCall's

Question: do you have smaller jar candles?
Answer: We only have the 26oz Jar in the McCall's Candle brand, but we do offer smaller jars in some of the other brands we carry. Here's a few of our favorites: 1) WoodWick Candles 10oz Jars - 2) Bridgewater 8oz Small Jar Candles - 3) Kringle Candles 8.5oz Jars - If you are particularly wanting a smaller size in the McCall's Candles, here is a link to their own website which offers various size options:

Question: do you still have mtn birch? where could i find it in boise,id
Answer: It does not appear that Mountain Birch is a current scent by McCall's Candles. We have never carried this McCall's fragrance, however you might try the Cabin Scents or Cozy Cabin fragrances by McCall's, as they sound very similar to what you are searching for. You can find each of them on there respective pages here: 26oz. Cabin Scents Classic Jar Candle by McCall's - 26oz. Cozy Cabin Classic Jar Candle by McCall's -

Question: what are the prices of the candles
Answer: By clicking on the picture representing the McCall's product you are wanting to shop will show the prices of each item. If you are interested in purchasing the 26oz McCall's jar candles, just click on the jar candle picture/icon, and it will direct you to a page listing all of the scents we carry along with the prices.