Necklaces by Mariana Jewelry


Shop Mariana Jewelry necklaces. Each piece is hand-crafted in Israel and made with unique hand-cut gem stones, fabric beads, and Swarovski crystals. Each necklace is gold- or silver-plated (nickel free) and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Question: Do you have the Venetian Night Necklace - N3252-1321? If so what is the cost?
Answer: We only stock select Mariana jewelry pieces, and the Venetian Night N3252-1321 piece is not one we ever carried. You might try searching for it on Amazon, as they have a wider selection than we have.

Question: Rings by Marianna?
Answer: Mariana Jewelry does offer rings, however we do not have any in stock. We are in the process of closing out our inventory as we will no longer be carrying the Mariana line. You might try checking on as they offer a wide selection of Mariana products, including rings!