Bracelets by Mariana Jewelry

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Shop Mariana Jewelry bracelets. Each piece is hand-crafted in Israel and made with unique hand-cut gem stones, fabric beads, and Swarovski crystals. All Mariana jewelry is gold- or silver-plated (nickel free) and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Question: looking for b40991327 bracelet
Answer: Unfortunately we do not have the Mariana b40991327 bracelet. Please check back after the first of the year, as we may be expanding our Mariana offerings at that time.

Question: I am looking for a Mariana necklace that is mostly dark browns with silver backing
Answer: We do not have a silver Mariana necklace at this time that features dark brown stones. The closest we have that only meets one of your specification (dark brown stones) is the Sahara Sunset Mariana Necklace, which has a red gold finish.

Question: do you ship to australia
Answer: Thank you for your interest in Mariana jewelry. We only ship to the continental United States. We do apologize for the inconvenience. There is a notable Mariana retailer in Australia, however, that you might check out. You can find them at

Question: looking for bracelet 4174-1535P page 25 Spirit of Design in Guardian Angel Book.....available?
Answer: We do not have the Mariana Bracelet 4174-1535P, unfortunately. You may try contacting Michal's Imports, the US distributor for Mariana Jewelry, to see who might have this bracelet in your area. You can reach them at

Question: I purchased B-4174 216-3 can you tell me the name?
Answer: We do not currently stock the Mariana B-4174-216-3 Bracelet, however, according to Mariana's catalog this belongs to the "Moon Drops" theme. If you are looking for pieces to match your bracelet, look for any Mariana piece that has "216" the middle part of the code; this designates the pattern or theme of the piece. We do have a few complimenting pieces in the Silver finish in stock if you are interested: 1) Moon Drops Mariana Pendant (Item#: MARI-N-5070-216-3SP) - 2) Mariana Earrings - E-1037-216-3-SP6 - 3) Mariana Earrings - E-1129-216-3-SP6 - 4) Mariana Earrings - E-1157-216-3-SP6 - 5) Mariana Earrings - E-1331-216-3-SP6 -

Question: looking for B-42521327
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have the Mariana bracelet B-4252-1327. We are currently closing out of all of our Mariana inventory and will not be getting any more new pieces or restocking the line. You might search on Amazon for the piece you are looking for.

Question: Do have any red bracelets?
Answer: We do not have any red Mariana bracelets. We only have a select range of Mariana jewelry pieces, not the entire line. You might try searching on Amazon for the piece you are looking for, as we are currently closing out of our Mariana inventory and will not be restocking it.

Question: do you ship to Australia
Answer: We only ship to the continental United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Question: What is the size of the bracelet? Is it stretchy?
Answer: Mariana Bracelets are made of metal the is gold or silver plated. It is designed with a clasp and is not stretchy. If you would like to know the dimentions of a particular item, feel free to contact our customer service department (417-865-3725) with the item name or code and we would be happy to measure it for you!

Question: Looking for the B3025 -1201
Answer: We only have a small selection of Mariana jewelry, and do not have Bracelet style B3025-1201. We are closing out of our Mariana Jewelry inventory and will no longer be carrying this line. You might try checking Amazon, as they have a wider selection than we do.