Lilac Blossom 3-Pack Votive by Warm Glow




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Lilac Blossom 3-Pack Votive by Warm Glow

This rich floral scent has captured the invigorating aroma of fresh-cut lilac bouquets.

Warm Glow Votive Candles are unique, highly fragrant, and longer lasting than many votive collections on the market. These candles are intended to be burned in votive cups åÐ Beautifully displayed as a group, or individually.

They are approximately 2" tall x 1" in diameter, and are packaged in quantities of three (3). These votives burn for approximately 8-10 hours.

This product is smoother in texture than Warm Glow's other candles, but provides the same memorable fragrance you look for time and time again!
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