Leaf Pewter Carving Board - Large by Vagabond House

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Leaf Pewter Carving Board - Large by Vagabond House

When feasting with a crowd, present the roast or fowl on one of our magnificent Leaf Pattern Pewter and Antler, with Cherry Wood Carving Boards. Designed for excellence of service and the boards are regally rimmed in pewter, embellished with our graceful Leaf pattern. Finished with unique and exceptionally sturdy antler encased handles, these carving boards are perfect for serious entertainers and collectors of the finest serve ware.

The Large board is perfect for a 20 lb. or larger turkey.

Sizes: Large Board = 20" L x 14" W
Removable wood for easy serving and cleaning
Real Antler Handles will darken with age and gain a rich deep patina. Solid pewter will not tarnish.

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