Lampe Senteur Fragrance Lamps

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Lampe Senteur Fragrance Lamps combine the beauty of artistic glass design with the fragrance dispersing power of the latest in catalytic technology. Each Lampe Senteur catalytic lamp can effectively disperse fragrance throughout an entire home at a rate far more quickly than even the strongest scented candle.

Lampe Senteur prides themselves in being able to offer beautifully packaged, high quality products at some of the lowest prices on the market today.

As per CARB, Fragrance Lamps Oils may NOT ship to California.
Antique Onyx Fragrance Lamp by Lampe Senteur
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Question: will lampe berger caps and the stone burner wicks fit any other companies lamps? Interchangable?
Answer: The Lampe Berger wicks/burners will fit any other brand of catalytic/effusion fragrance lamp, unless it is a mini lamp - Lampe Berger does not produce a mini wick. Most of the decorative crowns and snuffer caps will fit other brands of lamps as well, unless they have been custom-fitted for the specific Lampe Berger fragrance lamp. Additionally, other brands of wicks, snuff caps, and decorative crowns, will fit a standard size Lampe Berger fragrance lamp, as long as they are not the "mini" size.