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Fragrance lamps, or effusion lamps (sometimes called Catalytic Lamps), are one of the most effective and beautiful ways to fragrance a home quickly and efficiently. Fragrance Lamps burn a combination of Fragrance Oils and Alcohol through a small stone catalytic burner that will fill an average home with fragrance in less than one hour. These lamps are 10x more effective than an average candle. In addition, a Fragrance Lamp purifies the air as it burns, killing bacteria.

Every lamp comes complete with a beautiful decorative jar, a stone wick, a snuff cap and decorative cap, a small funnel and a FREE bottle of Fragrance Lamp Oil. (*Excludes Lampe Berger lamps; Lampe Berger brand fragrance oils are offered as an additional option at a discounted rate for Lampe Berger brand lamps.)

At The Lamp Stand, you will find one of the largest selections of Fragrance Lamps on the internet with some of the best prices around.

As per CARB, Fragrance Lamps Oils may NOT ship to California.
Question: where to buy?
Answer: You can shop any of our Fragrance Lamps by clicking on the square icon depicting each brand we offer above, and browsing the many selections. If you need further shopping assistance, our great customer support team would be glad to help! You can reach them at 417-865-3725.

Question: How do you light them?
Answer: Fragrance Lamps, or Catalytic/Effusion Lamps, can be lit in a few easy steps: 1. Fill the lamp 1/2 to 2/3 full of approved fragrance lamp oil. Make sure not to fill the lamp all the way full. There needs to be enough space to allow circulation of oil and oxygen. 2. Let the wick soak with the snuff cap on for 20-30 minutes so oil can be fully absorbed. 3. Remove the snuff cap and light the stone part of the wick with a long fireplace or BBQ lighter. 4. Allow flame to remain lit for 2 to 3 minutes, then blow it out. 5. Place the decorative crown over the wick and enjoy! (Make sure the flame has been blown out first, so the crown does not receive any damage). A good indicator that the fragrance lamp is working properly is the stone part of the wick will glow orange or red around the rim. The fragrance will be emitted through small puffs or streams of white/grey vapor.

Question: Must have a lamp which uses an np4 light. I have 3-4 lamps now but need more. Advise. NO np5s.
Answer: The lamps we offer are Fragrance Lamps, and not used for lighting purposes. Unfortunately, we do not stock any lamps at this time that require light bulbs,NP4, or NP5 lights.

Question: I only know lamp berger. How do the other lamps u carry compare? Which has same quality and works best. Where is lamp berger made?
Answer: Lampe Berger was the first company to make fragrance lamps in the late 1890's. They were made to use in hospitals to purify the air. Now they are definitely more of a home decor piece, but still do the same job! Lampe Berger was created and still produced today in Paris, France. We offer many other brands that are extremely comparable to Lampe Berger fragrance lamps, just at a much lower price. All of the fragrance lamps we offer work the same way, so it's really what your budget is and what decor you are wanting for it to fit in with. La Tee Da, Alexandria's, Lampe Senteur, and Sophia's all have some beautiful and unique fragrance lamp options to choose from, and at a reasonable price, and select lamps even come with a free 16oz fragrance oil by Scentimental Scents!

Question: We have one, but we need to replace wick with the ceramic top (the part that you light). Can I purchase just that?
Answer: Yes, absolutely! All of the wicks we offer for fragrance lamps are manufactured with a stone piece at the top of the wick. We offer many different options, depending on the size of your lamp and your brand and price preference. You can find all of our wick options here:

Question: I am looking for plug ins like an angel one
Answer: We have a couple of plug-in home fragrance options you might consider. The AromaLume Fragrance Generators by La Tee Da are available in several different styles, with 19 interchangeable fragrance elixirs and operate with an electric power cord: The Ceramic Potion Warmers by La Tee Da are also operated by electric power and available in 6 trendy shapes and colors, and uses a water-based fragrance called Potion which is offered in many seasonal and everyday scents:

Question: I've had one of your lamps for almost a year now love the fragrance but I just added new oil 21 and let it sit overnight to WIC into the stone now when I light it up its turning black I can't even keep it in the house all the smoke coming off of it as it is severe is there anything I can do to clean the stone
Answer: From what you have described, it sounds like your wick may be clogged. Periodically, due to continuous use of your fragrance lamp, wicks will become clogged with oil, which can hinder proper use of your lamp, such as problems with lighting, or even producing smoke. Try removing your wick from the oil and soaking the entire wick mechanism overnight in dilute (neutral) or 90% isopropyl alcohol. This should clear out any clogs there may be, allowing for a cleaner burn.

Question: what kind of oil can I use
Answer: All of the Fragrance Lamps offered on our site can be used with any of the Fragrance oils we sell on our site: Some of the most popular brands are Scentimental Scents, La Tee Da, Sophia's, and Lampe Berger brand Fragrance oils.

Question: are these fragrance lamps made by lampe burger? the clearance spooky ones
Answer: The Lampe Berger fragrance lamps featured in our "Spooky Low Prices" sale ad can be found here: Alexandria's Fragrance Lamps ( were also featured in this sale ad.

Question: How do I install wicks
Answer: If we are understanding you correctly, you are wanting to know how to change out your fragrance lamp wick. As a result of that, here are some tips for fragrance lamp operation, which includes wick installation: First, make sure your lamp is 1/2 to 2/3 full of your favorite fragrance oil. Then insert the cotton cord of your wick into the hole in the top of the lamp and feed it through until the metal collar of the wick sits flush against the metal neck of the lamp. Place your snuff cap onto your lamp and let the wick soak for about 20 to 30 minutes, so the stone part of the wick becomes fully saturated with the oil. After it is has finished soaking, remove the snuff cap, and light the stone part of the wick with a long lighter, like a fireplace or barbecue lighter. Let it flame for about 2 to 3 minutes, then blow it out. You may see small wisps of white or grey smoke being released into the air from the wick. This is completely normal. The wick may also glow red or orange around the edges. Place your decorative crown over the top of the lamp/wick, and enjoy! If you want to turn the lamp off, simply remove the crown (careful, as it may be hot!) and place the snuff cap over the stone part of the wick. A good way to preserve the life of your wick is to not leave it in your lamp when it is not in use, as it can become clogged with the oil more quickly. Remove the wick from the lamp, and store it somewhere where the surface cannot be damaged by the oil. Make sure not to touch the wick while it is lit, or even after it has been fully extinguished, as it is extremely hot (nearly 400 degrees) and can cause severe burns. If this is not the information you were seeking, please contact our customer service department at or (417)865-3725 for further information.

Question: how do I use the fragrance lamp?
Answer: 1. Use the funnel to fill the fragrance lamp about half full with fragrance oil 2. Place the cotton part of the wick into the lamp, with the stone resting on the neck of the lamp and cover with the solid snuff cap. 3. Leave the wick to soak in the fragrance oil for 20 minutes, or until the stone is saturated with oil. 4. Remove the solid snuff cap and light the stone. Let the flame burn for 2-3 minutes, then blow it out. Letting the flame burn longer than 3 minutes will damage your wick. 5. Blow out the flame and place the vented crown over the stone. For more helpful tips in operating your fragrance lamp, visit our FAQ page here: