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If you’re looking for the most effective and efficient way to fragrance your home, fragrance lamp oils are the perfect choice. The Lamp Stand’s extensive selection of top-selling oil refills are all suitable for use in any brand of fragrance lamp (also called catalytic or effusion lamps), including Lampe Berger. Our best-selling brands include Scentimental Scents, Sophia’s, La Tee Da, Tyler, Alexandria’s, Greenleaf and Lampe Senteur.

Fragrance lamps and oils are our signature product at The Lamp Stand. They are how we got our start in 2006, and we take great pride in offering our customers the highest-quality brands at the best prices. With our low-price guarantee, free-wick offer, and free shipping on all orders over $65, we guarantee you will not find a better deal online!

As per CARB, fragrance lamp oils may NOT ship to California.
16 oz. Scentimental Scents Fragrance Lamp Oils
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Sophia's Fragrance Lamp Oils

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La Tee Da Fragrance Lamp Oils - 32 oz.

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La Tee Da Fragrance Lamp Oils - 16 oz.

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Tyler Candle Fragrance Lamp Oil

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32 oz. Premium Fragrances Lamp Oil Grab Bag - 3-Pack
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Lampe Berger Fragrance Oil Trio Packs
3 Home Fragrances, 3 sensations to vary your experience... A selection of 180ml trial sized bottles to discover the LAMPE BERGER Fragrances.
Question: What is the most fragrant and long lasting lamp oil?
Answer: Although that is a very good question, there isn't a "right" answer for it. Since everyone's sense of smell varies greatly, it really is more of an experimenting process to find which fragrance lamp oil scents and brands seem stronger or more fragrant to you personally. Some of the brands that we've tried in our offices ourselves, and have received positive reviews from customers are the Scentimental Scents brand, La Tee Da, and Lampe Berger. The top scents in each brand are listed below: Scentimental Scents - Bird of Paradise, Butter Vanilla, Cashmere, Cinnamon Apple, Gardenia, Lavender, Mediterranean Fig, New Orleans, White Linen La Tee Da - Smoke & Mirrors, Monogrammed Linens, Pandemonium Patchouli, Idyllic Refuge, Front Porch Lampe Berger - Ocean Breeze, Lavender Fields, Amber Powder, Charleston, Fresh Eucalyptus

Question: are there any retail outlets in the Dayton OH area that sell LaTeeDa fragrance oils for lamps?
Answer: We are not the manufacturer of La Tee Da Fragrance Lamp Oils, but we do ship their oils anywhere in the continental U.S.! For information on La Tee Da Fragrance Oil outlets, you can contact La-Tee-Da directly at 1-800-246-1826.

Question: Are your oils like la-tee-da as for burning them u just pour an light the burner or wick .
Answer: All oils found on this page of our website ( are made for catalytic effusion lamps. These oils will have "Fragrance Oil" or "Fragrance Lamp Oil" in the name and are designed to be used in a fragrance lamp, with a stone wick like the ones found here: If you have questions about a specific oil, or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our customer service department directly at 417-865-3725 or

Question: What is the scent most associated with Christmas?
Answer: Since everyone associates different scents with Christmas, it is hard to pinpoint one particular fragrance as the most Christmas-y scent. However, there are some popular scents in a couple of our top Fragrance Lamp Oil brands that are best-sellers this time of year that you might consider: Scentimental Scents Fragrance Lamp Oils: - Christmas Cookie ( - Christmas Tree ( - Christmas Pear ( La Tee Da Fragrance Lamp Oils: - Christmas Cheer (Bayberry) - Coming Home (Clemintine & Pinecones) - Fa-La-La-La-La La (Roasted Walnuts0 - Hot Toddy (Spicy Orange) - Rockin' Around (Christmas Tree - Cedar/Balsam Pine)

Question: I have an Alexandria diffuser lamp. Can I use Lampe Berger oil, or La tee da? Will your standard wick fit on this lamp? (5.5inH)
Answer: All of the brands of Fragrance Lamp Oils offered on our site including Lampe Berger and La Tee Da are manufactured to use in any type of Cataytic Effusion Fragrance Lamp. These oils cannot be used in reed diffusers, however. Without knowing the actual Alexandria's fragrance lamp you are referring to, it is just an educated guess, but most standard/large size lamps will take the Large Replacement Wick (Item #: LGWICK). You can contact our customer service department at (417)865-3725 with your lamp model to be certain before ordering, however. You can find the Large Replacement wick on our site here: