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Kameleon Jewelry offers merchandise that is flexible, versatile and a reflection of your own individuality and personal style. Your jewelry is no longer a static design, but a fluid piece that can be perpetually customized in an unlimited number of combinations. JewelPops come in a rainbow of colors and materials. Some are set with semi-precious stones, Swarovski Crystal, synthetic opals or sparkling cubics.
Question: Will you have a special on Kameleon jewel pops like last year: buy 2 get one free?
Answer: You can see the listing of current Kameleon offers on our Kameleon page of our site here: http://www.thelampstand.com/kameleon-jewelry.html

Question: I don't see my free pop rock when I go to checkout!!
Answer: We offer a free Kameleon Pop Rock with any $75 Kameleon Jewelry purchase. To allow you to select the Pop Rock of your choice, it must be added to the cart for the discount to take effect. First, add $75 (or more) of Kameleon Jewelry to your shopping cart. Second, add the Pop Rock of your choice, found on our website here: http://www.thelampstand.com/kameleon-jewelry-poprock-jewelpop.html. The price should automatically adjust to give you FREE Pop Rock. If you are still having trouble, don't hesitate to contact our customer service department at 417-865-3725.

Question: Why does the rings tarnish so fast? Are they not sterling silver?
Answer: Kameleon Jewelry, including the rings, are made of .925 sterling silver, which have been known to tarnish. However, proper care, storage, and cleaning can help to alleviate the frequency of tarnishing of the sterling silver. Here are some tips that Kameleon Jewelry recommends to aid in the care of your jewelry: - Store jewelry separately so it doesn't come in contact with other jewelry. Wrap each piece in fine fabric, or store in a jewelry box with separate storage compartments. Semi-precious stones can scratch silver or pearls. - Put your jewelry on after washing, applying any makeup, cosmetics or hair spray, as these can reduce the shine or cause damage to your jewelry in some cases. - Take off your jewelry before cleaning or participating in athletic activities, such as swimming. Chlorine and cleaning chemicals can damage gemstones and silver. Gemstones may also become loose in their settings (and possibly fall out). - Do not store jewelry near a heating vent, window sill, or car dashboard/console. Sunlight can cause many colored gemstones to fade. - Be gentle with your jewelry, never tugging on gem settings or tossing pieces into a pile of jewelry as gem settings may loosen or fall out; pieces may also get nicked or scratched. - Never clean Kameleon Jewelry with an ultra sonic cleaner (cleans by using sound waves). The protective coating will strip away, which is what helps to reduce tarnishing. Buff cleaning with a silver polishing cloth is always a preferable method.

Question: I'm trying to place an order over $75 which entitles me to a free Pop Rock. Are there still available? Most seem to be unavailable
Answer: We do apologize for the difficulty you have been experiencing with your order. We do have many styles of the Kameleon PopRocks in stock at this time. Our website is linked to our inventory system, so if you add an item to your shopping bag, it will tell you if the item is available. If the item is out of stock at the time, it will post a yellow banner above the shopping bag stating as such, and will not add a quantity to your bag. If you need further assistance with placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at (417)865-3725.