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Kameleon Jewelry offers merchandise that is flexible, versatile and a reflection of your own individuality and personal style. Discover the infinite possibilities of this line, with items tailored for every mood and wardrobe change. Your jewelry is no longer a static design, but a fluid piece that can be perpetually customized in an unlimited number of combinations!

At Kameleon Jewelry _ Change is Natural.
Question: What is the Mothership?
Answer: The Kameleon Custom Large JewelPop Compact (Item #: KJ-KC2) is often referred to as the "Mothership" Jewel Case because of its versatile design featuring a dual layer for JewelPop storage. Each layer holds 25 Kameleon JewelPops. You can find the KC2 JewelPop Compact here: http://www.thelampstand.com/kameleon-jewelry-custom-jewelpop-compact-large.html