Island Bloosom Aroma Crystals by La Tee Da

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Island Blossom Aroma Crystals for Ooh La Lamp by La Tee Da

(Exotic Flowers)

Design your own unique fragrance by combining two or more Aroma Crystals. The small 15 watt bulb of your Ooh La Lamp warms the Aroma Crystals, releasing fragrance throughout the room. Change up both the frangrance, and the look of your lamp simply by switching Aroma Crystals to suit the season or decor.

Aroma Crystals do not soot or melt so cleanup is simple and hassle-free. Simply discard the Aroma Crystals and wipe the inside of the lamp with a soft cloth after the lamp has cooled.

Made in USA.

For use in La Tee Da's Ooh La Lamp only.

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