Hot Girls Pearls

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With oversized pearls filled with nontoxic cooling gel, these elegant necklaces get arctic cold in the freezer. Then they stay nice and icy cool on you! Who knew hot flash relief could look so good! NOW with Swarovski Pearls and Rhodium-plated Swarovski Rondelles!

How to use: Freeze, wear, repeat! Simply freeze your pearls for 3 to 4 hours, then wear them to cool down.

As seen on The View, Oprah Magazine, and The Today Show.
Question: which necklace size is most popular? the 18 inch or the 20 inch for a normal height and weight 50 year old woman
Answer: The 18" Hot Girls Pearls are "princess length" and comfortable for petite to average-sized ladies. The 20" Hot Girls Pearls are "opera length" and comfortable for average to plus-size ladies.

Question: Are all pearls over sized as they look in the picture on the woman? Looking for a small person.
Answer: Hot Girls Pearls are not real pearls and are designed over-sized to accommodate the non-toxic gel filling that are meant to be frozen to aide in the cooling process for ladies who suffer from hot flashes, or who live in warmer climates and searching for a classy way to cool off. The 18" Hot Girls Pearls are the "princess" length and are great for petite or average sized ladies.

Question: hot girl pearls that are on sale are they the classic or the new classic?
Answer: These necklaces by Hot Girl Pearls are the Original Classic Pearls. The pearls contain nontoxic cooling gel, which when frozen delivers a blissful rush of icy cool relief anytime you're feeling overheated