Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers in Mango Wood Metal Inlay Leaf Base - GG Collection

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Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers in Mango Wood with Laser and Metal Inlay Leaf Design Base - GG Collection

Metal inlay with laser leaf salt & pepper holder; hammered glass shakers with matte silver-tone lids; Mango Wood with silver & gold-tone metal inlays.

Dimensions: 4" L x 2.5" W x 3.5" H

All glass items are mouth-blown. Small air bubbles are intrinsic to the glass making art and not considered imperfections. The soft, wavy texture from the flow and cooling of the mouth blown glass make each piece uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Glass Care: GG Collection's glass pieces are hand wash only due to the glass and metal combination. Glass items are not tempered and should not be used for hot beverages.

Mango Wood with Metal Inlay Care: GG Collection's Mango Wood with Metal Inlay pieces have a food-safe coating, and therefore the use of oil on this collection is not advised. Simply wipe with a soapy damp cloth. As with all wood pieces, do not submerge in water.

Due to the metal inlay creating ’‰Œ–crevices’‰Œ” on the surface, it is not advised to place non-solid or ’‰Œ–wet’‰Œ” food directly on the surface. It is normal to see some wrinkling in the metal. The inlay is all done by hand, and with all natural woods, there will be slight movement depending on extreme temperatures. Wrinkles can be smoothed with a soft cloth around a finger.