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The Lamp Stand is the leading online retailer of fragrance lamps and oils. Fragrance lamps, also called catalytic or effusions lamps, are quite simply the most effective and efficient way to fragrance your home. They are the first products we sold when we opened our doors in 2006 and continue to be our best-selling products. We guarantee the best selection, lowest prices, and unmatched service.

Answer: We apologize, but we do not have anything that fits that description in our store. However, if you search for "Liquid Candle" on Google there should be several sites that pop up that offer those.

Question: Looking for fragrance oil for hurricane lamps.
Answer: All of the fragrance oil we offer on The Lamp Stand is only approved for use in Catalytic Effusion Fragrance Lamps. This oil cannot be used in hurricane lamps. You might try searching for "hurricane lamp oil" on Google.

Question: What are the prices?
Answer: The prices of the Fragrance Lamps are categorized according to brand. If you either click on the "Fragrance Lamps" box above, or copy and paste this link into your browser you can see all the different brands we offer. By clicking on the box of the brand, it will lists all of the individual lamps and their prices. By click on a single lamp, it will take you to the page where you can choose specific options (fragrance and wick add-ons), as well as quantity.

Question: do you carry Sophia's lamp frangance in Pomegranate
Answer: Yes we do carry the Pomegranate Sophia's Fragrance Lamp Oil (Item #: SO-116). You can find that here: Don't forget to take advantage of our "Buy 6 oils and get a free wick" offer; it comes in handy during the holidays!

Question: I'm trying to find a burner that has a little round "something" so that the wick can be adjusted just like in a large latern. Can you help? Thanks
Answer: The lamps we sell are Fragrance Lamps, traditionally called Catalytic Effusion Lamps. While they do not give off light, they do fill your house with incredible fragrance! Unfortunately, we don't sell paraffin or kerosine type lanterns that give off light and have an adjustable wick.

Question: do you have amor amor scented oil for oil lamps
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have a fragrance lamp oil that is scented like Amor Amor. Based on the scent description of "luscious aromas of fruits, florals, fragrant woods and vanilla," we do have a few fragrance lamp oils that would be similar that you might consider: 1) Polynesian Dream 500ML Fragrance Oil by Lampe Berger (Item #: LB-415062) - 2) 16 oz. Denim & Diamonds La Tee Da Fragrance Oil (Item #: LTD-F-55071) - 3) Sweet Dreams Sophia's Fragrance Lamp Oil (Item #: SO-149) - 4) Leafy Stroll Sophia's Fragrance Lamp Oil (Item #: SO-117) -

Question: Which lamp oil brand is the best in your opinion?
Answer: Scentimental Scents is a favorite brand among our customers not only because of the low price, but because of the many scent offerings available. La Tee Da is another favorite, as it is offered not only in 16oz, but the best-sellers are available in 32oz as well. Lampe Berger, which is produced in France and imported to the US, is also popular. You can find these brands and more on our Fragrance Lamp Oil page of our site:

Question: I've had a lamp for 4 or 5 years, bought two bottles of oil, new wick, it flames, then stone gets red, then i blow out small flame, but then it goes cold? can it be the lamp?
Answer: The lamp itself actually has no effect on the burning performance of a fragrance lamp, as it is merely a jar or container to hold the oil and wick. Many customers experience this same issue and have found our lamp operation troubleshooting tips to be helpful: 1) Only fill fragrance lamp 1/2 to 2/3 full with oil. Overfilling will prevent oxygen from circulating which allows the wick to "wick up" the oil properly. 2) Insert wick into lamp and place the snuff cap over the stone part. Let the wick soak for 20-30 minutes in the fragrance oil. 3) Light the stone part of wick with a lighter (the long fireplace & barbecue lighters work great) and let it flame for 2 to 3 minutes, then blow out the flame. Don't let it burn longer than this, as it can damage the stone. The stone may glow red/orange, however it does not necessarily do so. Additionally, a small wisp of white or grey "smoke" may also emit from the lamp after the flame as been blown out. Some things to note is that the environment in which the lamp is being used can also effect the way the lamp operates. Avoid using the fragrance lamp near a fan, heat/AC vent, open windows, or doors that are frequently opened and shut, as gusts of wind, no matter how small, can prematurely extinguish a lamp's wick. We hope these tips help in the enjoyment of your fragrance lamp. If you are still experiencing problems after trying these tips, please do not hesitate contacting our customer service department at (417)865-3725.

Question: how much is shipping on a 32 ounce bottle of oil? does the la tee da take out the odors like lampe berger advertizes?
Answer: We offer a free shipping offer on all orders $65 or more. Any order below $65 is a flat shipping rate of $7.95. Yes, the La Tee Da brand of fragrance oils will deodorize and purify the air like the Lampe Berger brand. It is the alcohol that the oil is made from that performs the deodorizing/purifying, so all fragrance lamp oils work in this same manner.