Flashpoint Candles

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FlashPoint Candles | When a Candle just isn't enough!

FlashPoint Candle was founded on the idea that candles do more than just freshen the air in your home. FlashPoint Candle products are made with premium wax blends and feature vessels that are hand poured with natural 100% dye free wax. FlashPoint Candle glazes are fired in a special kiln which works with the reactive glazes to create a magnificent color scape on each ceramic vessel. Many of the ceramics are dripped-glazed and dipped multiple times to give layer and depth to the rich glaze colors. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, you will never find two exactly alike.
Variations in color and finish are not flaws. These features are inherent to the homemade process. Colors may also vary slightly from the photo depicted.The inner vessel glaze is Sky Blue, as it was chosen as the perfect color to reflect an orange flame creating a perfect golden candle glow.
Ceramic care: clean your ceramic vessel with soap and water. Use non abrasive towel or sponge when wiping the ceramic vessel clean. Do not put in dishwasher.
Reuse & Repurpose: After you've enjoyed your FlashPoint Candle entirely, don't toss the unique vessel, but repurpose it. Some great ideas for these striking vessels are: ice bucket to keep drinks perfectly chilled while entertaining guests; pillar candle display; tiny floater ponds - use floating candles and flowers to capture the essence of summer in your garden or patio!