Feu de Bois 8 oz. Bar Soap by Lafco New York

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Feu de Bois 8 oz. Bar Soap by Lafco New York

Kick the snow off your boots and find a spot near the roaring fire. It crackles and spits as it settles down for its long, slow shift, but its smoky remains will continue to comfort long after its final embers have grayed.

Smoky frankincense blankets cozy notes of leather, sandalwood and pine.

Artfully made in Europe, Lafco New York's ultra hydrating, natural Feu de Bois bar soap cleanses with a creamy, rich lather and leaves your skin luxuriously fragranced.

- Extra virgin olive oil and almond oil deliver superior moisture and vital nutrients
- Refined, perfume-grade fragrances provide a lasting, natural scent
- Uniquely palm oil free, and free of sulfates, parabens and other synthetic ingredients
- Lafco New York's bar soaps are superfatted with almond oil

- Use a washcloth or loofah for showering and bath applications to get more lather using less soap
- Store your soap on a surface that doesn ’t retain water and encourages air flow, like a soap dish, and away from running water.
8 oz